Victoria West is situated in the heart of the Karoo,

and though there are several routes that will lead you into the town, the N12 is the fastest and connects you to both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

This historic Karoo town lies between two mountains almost touching each other, and forming a narrow poort on the west side of the town that could easily be connected by a wall scarcely a hundred yard long.
Although Victoria West is a small town, it possesses over many features larger communities do not have, namely, a tradition, a long history and an atmosphere of dignity and kindness. Genuine South African hospitality and the love for the open field, is still characterized by its residents.

Victoria West has much to offer and can easily fool the traveller charging through in a hurry from North or South. The way in which the main street lies at a right angle to the N12 Highway, is rather unusual, and serves to ‘hide’ much of the town from the highway traffic. This makes the main street much quieter, and serves to make it even more charming.