The district is host to a variety of birds ranging from minute LBJ’s to Ostriches. Regular visitors to gardens in the village however, are the Rock Pigeon, Redeyed Pigeon and Laughing dove, usually accompanied by the Cape Sparrow and Masked Weavers. Other pretty regulars are the Bokmakierie, Hoopoe, Whitebacked Mousebird, Redwinged and Pied Starlings, various Sunbird species, the friendly Wagtail and Fiscal shrike and recently described Karoo Thrush. With plenty of mice to catch down at the Co-op, one can be sure of seeing some Barn Owls in the evening and large numbers of Lesser Kestrels roosting in the bluegums. The MTN tower above the village has been the nesting site of some Black Eagles (Witkruis Arende) for some years.

The village dam as well as large farm dams in the district draw large numbers of waterbirds which include Cape Teal, Shelduck, Cape Shoveller, Yellowbilled Duck, Egyptian and Spurwinged Goose, several Plovers, Great Crested Grebe, Dabchick, Avocet, Blackwinged Stilt, Ruff and the Greater Flamingo. Truly a birders paradise.

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