Victoria West Regional Museum

The Victoria West Regional Museum was established in 1969. It is a component of Museums Northern Cape.[7]A marine fossil was discovered in 1960. The Atherstonia seeleyi is the most complete of its kind in the world and was found on the Blourug farm in the district. The specimens can be found in the Karoo area of the museum.


During the 1860s a number of local institutions came into existence, among them the Victoria West Public Library. In 1874 a catalogue of books contained in the library was printed by the well-known firm of Saul Solomon & Co of Cape Town. The building for the Victoria West Public Library was sold on 10 January 1929 to the Victoria West Hebrew Congregation, who used it as a synagogue. Andries P. Olivier from Ysterkoppe died in 1955 and left R8 000 in his will for the establishment of a new library. The new library was built in Church Street and is contiguous with the museum. The new building was opened on 26 October 1959. Presently there are two libraries still in use in the town