The fauna generally encountered around the village of Victoria West are beautiful herds of springbuck amongst the predominantly Merino sheep of the district. It is however closer to the ground where the true jewels of the Karoo are to be found in the dassies scurrelling behind the rocks in the area of the village dam or the curious meerkats peeping at passing traffic. Easy specimens to examine at your leisure are the plentiful leopard tortoises (bergskilpad) and their smaller cousins the tent and padloper tortoises as well as the helmeted turtles basking in the sun along the shores of the dam. For the daring there are scorpions to be found under the rocks and monkey beetles aplenty amongst the stunted plantgrowth.
Excellent examples of what the region offers are to be found at the local museum in Church Street. Look for the fossilized fish which confirm that the Karoo was once a huge inland sea.