Victoria West lies within the Succulent Karoo with extreme summer/winter as well as day/night temperatures. The result is an interesting mix of plants which have adapted to these arid conditions. Three Aloes occur naturally around the village, namely Aloe variegata, A. broomii and A. claviflora as well as large numbers of succulent vygie species and strangely shaped Euphorbias. Several trails have been made into the “randjies” surrounding the village with identification markers to assist in plant identification. Generally the best flowering time is during spring when Gazanias, various daisies, vygies and the yellow wild pomegranate paint the landscape.
Most sheepfarmers use some form or other of rotation grazing most suited to their specific conditions and the aptly named Koggelmandervoetkaroo is regarded, together with bietou, as the most palatable and sought after grazing.