Places and things to see

Victoria West offers various interesting and historic places for visitors to experience.

Victoria West Tours offers a variety of guided tours that highlight various points of interest and historical significance.


Watch this space as we redevelop and expand our attractions, activities, and events, after the devastation wreaked by Covid-19.


Apollo Theatre - The oldest working cinema in South Africa, built in the Art Deco style in 1928.


Trails - Various paths for walking, cycling or running are situated around town, including both mountains as well as flatter areas.


St. John's Anglican Church - Consecrated in 1869 by Rev. Thomas Randell Walters. The architect was Sophia Grey, wife of the governor of the Cape Colony and the first woman architect in South Africa. The church has a stained-glass window in memory of a bride who drowned in the 1871 flood.


Gunpowder Magazine - Built by the church in 1850 on top of a small ridge to serve as a secure and dry store for gunpowder and firearms.

Fish fossil

Victoria West Regional Museum - Founded in 1960. The museum's exhibits depict the history of the village, the community, the fossils found here, and much more.