Victoria West is the head office of the Ubuntu Municipality (meaning ‘humanity’) along with the towns of Richmond and Loxton. Transnet still owns Merriman and Hutchinson that also fall in the Ubuntu Municipality region. The Ubuntu Local Municipality forms part of the Pixley Ka Seme District Municipality. The vision of the Ubuntu Municipality is “provision of efficient, sustainable and affordable services to the inhabitants of Ubuntu within a safe environment”.

The Vision of Ubuntu Municipality is to commit it selves to be developmental and economically viable to ensure a better life for all

The Mission is to strive to achieve: Effective and efficient service delivery, Optimal human and natural resource development, Local economic growth and development,  job creation and poverty alleviation, A vibrant tourism industry, Participation in the fight to reduce the infection rate and lessen the impact of HIV/aids, alcohol abuse and other communicable diseases, To establish a safe, secure and community  friendly environment and to Ensure sound and sustainable management of  Financial and Fiscal affairs of the Municipality.

The staff at the Ubuntu Municipality is divided into 3 departments, namely the Departments of Corporate Services, Financial Services and the Infrastructural Services. Each of the departments is administered by a manager. Furthermore, each of these departments is sub-divided. The Corporate services are composed of an administrative and library services (Victoria West, Loxton and Richmond) section, primary health care (Victoria West, Loxton and Richmond) and environmental health. Income (Victoria West, Loxton and Richmond) and expenses, as well as the testing station are managed by the Department of Financial Services. Lastly, the Department of Infrastructural Services is broken up into the technical services (Victoria West, Richmond and Loxton) and the electricity division.

Contact Details: +27 (0) 53 621 0026